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Parts Of The Indian Constitution

INDIA - Parts of the Constitution
Part - I (Article 1 - 4)
Deals with territory of India formation of new states, alterations, names of existing states.
Part - II (Art. 5 - 11)
Deals with various rights of citizenship.
Part - III (Art. 12 - 35)
Deals with fundamental rights of Indian citizens. (Art. 31 - dealing with the right to property was deleted by 44th amendment).
Part - IV (Art. 36-51)
Deals with Directive Principles of State Policy.
Part - IV - A (Art. 51A)
Added by 42nd amendment in 1976. Contains the duties of the citizens.
Part - V (Art. 52 - 151)
Deals with govt. at the Union Level. (Duties & Function of PM, Ministers, Presidents, Attorney General, Parliament - Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha, Comptroller & Auditor General).
Part - VI (Art. 152 - 237)
Deals with govt. at the State Level. (Duties & functions of Chief Minister & his ministers, Governor, State legislature, High Court, Advocate General of the State).
Part - VII (Art. 238)
Deals with States, was replaced in 1956 by the 7th amendment.
Part - VIII (Art. 239 - 241)
Deals with Union Territories.
Part - IX
Consists of 2 parts:
1. Added by 73rd amendment in 1992. Contains a new schedule 'SCHEDULE ELEVEN'. It contains 29 subjects related to Panchayati Raj. (They have been given administrative powers).
2. Added by 74th amendment in 1992. Contains a new schedule 'SCHEDULE TWELVE'. It contains 18 subjects related to Municipalities. (They have been given administrative powers).
Part - X (Art. 244, 244A)
Deals with Scheduled & Tribal Areas.
Part - XI (Art. 245 - 263)
Deals with relation between Union & States.
Part - XII (Art. 264 - 300A)
Deals with distribution of revenue between Union & States, appointment of Finance Commission (Article 280), contracts, liabilities etc.
Part - XIII (Art.301 - 307)
Relates to trade, commerce & intercourse within the Territory of India.
Part - XIV (Art.308 - 323)
Deals with UPSC and Public Service Commissions.
Part - XV (Art.324 - 329)
Deals with elections (Also Election Commission)
Part - XVI (Art.330 - 342)
Deals with special provisions for Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribed & Anglo - Indian Representation.
Part - XVII (Art. 343 - 351)
Relates to official language.
Part, XVIII (Art.352 - 360)
Deals with emergency provisions.
Part - XIX (Art.361 - 367)
Exemption of criminal proceedings for their official acts as President & Governors.
Part - XX (Art. 368)
Deals with Amendment of Constitution.
Part - XXI (Art.369 - 392)
(Art-369 gives temporary powers to the Parliament to make laws for State list).
(Art -370 contains temporary provisions of J & K - Restricts the parliament to make laws for that State).
Part - XXII (Art.393 - 395)
Concerns the short title, commencement and repeal of the Constitution.
Part - XIV - A (Art.323A, 323B)
By 42nd amendment in 1976. Deals with administrative tribunals set up by parliament to hear disputes & complaints regarding Union, States or local govt.Employees.


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