Saturday, 20 June 2009

First In The World

  1. Man to reach South Pole - Roald Amundsen (Norway) 1911
  2. Man to reach North Pole - Robert E. Peary (USA) 1909
  3. Woman to reach North Pole -Mrs. Karoline Mikkelsen (Norway) 1935
  4. Woman to reach South Pole -Mrs. Fran Phipps (Canada) 1971
  5. Man to go to space - Yuri Gagarin (former USSR) 1961
  6. Man to set foot on the Moon - Neil Alden Armstrong (USA) 1969
  7. Man to walk in Space - Alexei Leonov (Former USSR) 1965
  8. Woman Cosmonaut in Space - Valentina Terehkova (former USSR) 1963
  9. Man to climb Mount Everest - Tenzing Norgay (Nepal) 1953
  10. Woman to climb Mount Everest - Junko Tabei (Japan) 1975
  11. President of USA - George Washington 1789
  12. Foreign invader of India - Alexander the Great (Greece) 326bc
  13. Woman to cross the Strait of Gibraltar - Arti Pradhan (India) 1988
  14. Handicapped man to cross Strait of Gibraltar (deaf and dumb) - Taranath Shenoy (India) 1988
  15. President of Chinese Republic - Dr. Sun Yat-Sen 1921-1925
  16. Chairman of People's Republic of China - Mao Tse Tung 1949-1976
  17. Man to sail around the world - Ferdinand Magellan (Portugal) 1519-1521
  18. First Prime Minister of a country - Sir Robert Walpole (Britain) 1721-1742
  19. Lady Prime Minister of country - Srimavo Bhandarnaike (Sri Lanka) 1970-1977
  20. Lady Prime Minister of England - Mrs. Margaret Thatcher 1979-1990
  21. Polar circumnavigation - Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Charles Burton (Britain) 1979-1982
  22. Chinese traveler to India - Fahien 405-411
  23. Woman Bishop - Rev. Barbara C. Harris (USA) 1988
  24. First to have skied to both North and South Poles, and climbed Mount Everest - Erling Kagge (Norway) 1994


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