Saturday, 20 June 2009

The First In Sports

The first Indian woman to swim across the English Channel
Miss. Arati Shah
The first Indian to win world Billiards Trophy
Wilson Jones
The first to cross the Damelles by swimming
Mihir Sen
The first to conquer Everest
Sherpa Tenzing (1953)
The first to sail round the world
The first person to win Wimbledon title five times
Bjorn Borg
The first woman who conquered Everest
Jungo Table (Japan)
The first person to reach North Pole
Robert Peary
First woman Olympic Medallist (Weight Lifting)
Karnam Malleswari (2000)
The first person to reach South Pole
The first Indian to win All England Badminton Championship
Prakash Padukone
The first Indian woman to conquer Everest
Bichendri Pal
The first an to climb Everest twice
Nawang Gombu
The first person to complete solo walk to magnetic North pole
David Hempleman Adam (UK)
The first woman to reach North pole
Ann Bancroft
The first woman to sail non stop around the world alone
The first deaf & dumb to cross the strait of Gibraltar
Taranath Shenoy (India)
The first woman to climb Mt. Everest twice
Santosh Yadav (India)
The first black player to win the Wimbledon men's singles title
Arthur Ashe (US)
The first person to win the Palk Strait ocean swimming contest


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