Saturday, 20 June 2009

First in The World

  • First Asian to win Nobel Prize - RABINDRANATHA TAGORE India [1913]
  • The first chairman of Peoples' Republic of China - MAO. TSE-TUNG [1949]
  • First Asian to get Finix Award - Sr. P.C. SORCAR [India]
  • First Asian to cross the English Channel - AARTI SAHA[India, 1959]
  • First cricketer to have batted in all positions- [1 to 11] - WILFRED RHODES [England]
  • First Chinese pilgrim to visit India - FAHIEN
  • First President of America - GEORGE WASHINGTON
  • First Prime Minister of Britian - SIR ROBERT WALPOLE
  • First Englishman to receive Nobel Prize for Literature - RUDYARD KIPLING [1907]
  • First European invader of India - ALEXANDER [Greece, 326 BC]
  • First foreigner to receive Bharat Ratna - KHAN ABDUL GHAFFAR KHAN [1987]
  • First Prime Minister of Australia - SIR EDMUND BARTON
  • First Governer General of Pakistan - MOHAMMED ALI JINNAH [1947]
  • First man cosmonaut in space - YURI GAGARIN [Former U.S.S.R.,1961]
  • First man to fly over both North and South poles - RICHARD E. BYRD [US]
  • First man to walk in space - ALEXEI LEONOV [Former U.S.S.R.]
  • First man to make a solo flight around the world - WILEY POST [1933]
  • First man to climb Mt. Everest - TENZING NORGAY [India]and EDMUND HILLARY [New Zealand]1953
  • First man to set foot on moon - NEIL ARMSTRONG [USA, 1969]
  • First Muslim Invader of India - MOHAMMED-bin-QASIM [8th C.AD]
  • First person to sail round the world - FERDINAND MAGELLAN [Portuguese 1519-22]
  • First Pope to visit India - POPE PAUL VI[1964]
  • First President OF Chinese Republic - SUN YAT-sen [1921-1925]
  • First Prime Minister of Pakistan-LIAQUAT ALI KHAN [1947]
  • First Secretary General of the UN - TRYGVE LIE [Norway 1946-53]
  • First test tube Baby - LOUISE BROWN [England, 1978


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