Saturday, 23 July 2011

Xerox Business of Your Brain

 Xerox Corporation launched a free desktop application that lifts the curtain on your inbox and your brain. The ‘Business of Your Brain’ desktop application analyzes emails and calendar notices to identify those distractions that take the focus away from their real business.

 The Microsoft Windows desktop app securely creates data from a user’s Microsoft Outlook account. Through interactive visuals, it outlines by day, week and month the activities, people, events and vocabulary that fill a user’s inbox. The free Microsoft Outlook plug-in lets you know who's dashing in the most exclamation marks and buzzwords per email, who sends the longest messages, and which senders are wasting your time with emails that just say "thank you."

Aim:  to help to find the distractions that get in your way of focusing on real business.


Meeting Buddy: show up to the office today dressed just like a colleague? Could be because he is the person with whom you have the most meetings.

Quickest to Panic: find out who sends the most emails flagged with the high alert exclamation point.  

Focus Drainer: what are the latest buzzwords in your email subject lines? Your Focus Drainer results will clue you in.

Motor Mouth vs. Many Thanks: we all have a few contacts notorious for their lengthy emails; find out who takes the prize in your inbox. On the flip side, you’ll also see who most frequently adds to your email count with reply all “thanks” notes.  

Most Ignored:  delete emails without reading? Business of Your Brain will tell you who you’re most likely to ignore.

System requirements

·         Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7
·         Microsoft Outlook 2003 or later


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