Saturday, 4 July 2009

General Q&A - 4

  1. What do you call a group of sheep? - A Flock of Sheep
  2. In which sport do players take long and short corners? - Hockey
  3. Who was the youngest President of the USA? - Theodore Roosevelt
  4. How many legs do butterflies have? - 6 Legs & 2 Pair of Wings
  5. Who invented the Nintendo Wii? - Kashi Kabushiki
  6. What year does the nintendo wii come out? - Late 2006
  7. Who played the rol of harry porter in the movie ?? – Daniel Jacob
  8. Which actor perform as the new james bond – Daniel craig
  9. What uis it tha make soda water fizz – co2 ( Carbon Dioxide )
  10. Polio prevention vaccine – sabin vaccine
  11. Youngest chess chess master – sergey karjackine
  12. Who discovered O2 – joseph priestly
  13. Longest national highway in india – NH-7
  14. First president of india - dr. Rajendra Prasad
  15. 10th president in india – kocheril Raman Narayanan
  16. 11th president – dr abdul kalam (abul pakir jainul abideen abdulkalam)
  17. Who develepoed indias first satellite launch vehicle – abdul kalam
  18. what is the Largest frog called? – goliyath
  19. What is aramco Aramco – arab American company
  20. Most romantinc language in the world –french
  21. How many national highways present in india – 259
  22. What is the principle chemical that can be made by wulff process? - Acetylene
  23. What do you call plants that eat insects? - Insectivorous plants
  24. What name is given to fruits that are formed with out fertilization? - Parthenocarpico
  25. Which is the oldest satellite orbiting the earth! - Moon
  26. At what age did Louis Braille invent his system of writing for the blind? - At the age of 15(He became blind at the age of 3)
  27. Which is the oldest parliamentary democracy in the world? - Britain
  28. Which city was founded by Alexander the Great in Egypt? - Alexandria
  29. Who was known as Maid Of Orleans? - Joan of Arc
  30. After which Florentine explorer was America named? - Amerigo vespucci
  31. In which century was Lord Buddha born? - Around 560BC
  32. What was Abraham Lincoln's profession prior to entering Congress? - Lawyer
  33. Who is credited with being the first European to discover North America? - Christopher Columbus
  34. Who designed the dome of St. Peter's, Rome? - Michelangelo
  35. The Hundred Years' War (1337-1453) was fought between which two countries? - England and France
  36. Who were the first European settlers in India? - Portuguese
  37. In which year was NATO formed? - 1949
  38. Which country was the first in the world where women voted for the government? - New Zealand
  39. In which year did Hitler become chancellor of Germany? - 1933
  40. In which country Alexander the Great came from? - Greece
  41. Which metal is heavier, silver or gold? - Gold
  42. How many legs do butterflies have? - Six
  43. Which is the country with the most people? - China
  44. Which state is the biggest in the US? - Alaska
  45. Which country has the largest area of land? - Russia
  46. Which is the country hosting the 2008 Olympic Games? - China
  47. Which indoor sport is the most popular in the US? – Basket ball
  48. Which golf player's mother is from Thailand? – Tiger Woods
  49. What is Aurora Borealis commonly known as? – Northern Lights
  50. Which is the non-contagious disease that is the most common in the world? – tooth Decay
  51. Which was the album the Beatles recorded the last time together? – Abbey Road
  52. Which instrument did Miles Davis, the jazz musician, play? - Trumpet
  53. What is the sport in which you could get into a headlock? - Wrestling
  54. In which country was golf first played? - Scotland
  55. Which is the sport where you could be out ?leg before wicket?, or ?hit a six?? - Cricket
  56. When did baseball originate in the US? – 10th Century
  57. Which is the sport wherein you would use a 'sand iron'? - Golf
  58. What is the largest mammal in the world? – Blue Whales
  59. Which is the country where reggae music originated? - Jamaica
  60. Who was the creator of Jeeves and Wooster? – PG Wodehouse
  61. Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? – Michel angelo
  62. Who was the writer of Alice?s Adventures in Wonderland? – Lewise Caroll
  63. After which famous person was the teddy bear named? – Theodore roosevelt
  64. Which is the smallest ocean in the world? – Artic Ocean
  65. What is the rhino?s horn made of? – Hair


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